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A decluttering service for Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington and Milton


The road to clutter is paved with good intentions.  Every clutterer intends to get organized.  BUT...there is never enough time, is there?

This is where I come in.  I’ll come to your home or home office and together we’ll plan the rescue mission.

What you can expect

You’ll feel some anxiety about exposing your clutter and unearthing the dust that surrounds it.  I understand!  I understand your clutter and how it got there – and the impact it has on your life.


After we declutter, what you’ll be left with are the items you truly want, items you enjoy and use regularly.  Imagine no longer searching for what you are looking for; imagine no longer losing energy because of cluttered areas that cause you stress.

I am a powerful decluttering coach.  I can help you notice your behaviour around your clutter.  When you become aware of your connection to your clutter, you may be cured so that clutter becomes a thing of the past.  Learning is implicit in the process.

You will experience something new:  a feeling of lightness when the clutter is gone and what you have left is organized.  Then you will have the choice of living in your space in a new way.

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About Chrissie Godin and Clutter Rescue

I have been decluttering people’s homes and home offices since 1999.  Clutter Rescue allows me to work fulltime at my passion, providing an easygoing and calm approach to decluttering.  My experience as a psychotherapist enables me to be sensitive to the circumstances or conditions under which people feel the need to accumulate.

I am easygoing, calm and patient.  I am aware that each person has his/her own sensitivities.  Here’s what one client with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder said:  “I was comfortable being open and honest about my OCD anxieties.  I didn’t feel embarrassed about having OCD phobias.  I think it was Chrissie’s manner and what she said that made me feel that way.”


A consultation is $125. 

Decluttering is $80 per hour, with a minimum of 4 hours.


I also run decluttering workshops.  Click here for information.


“Chrissie brought normalcy back into my life.  Each workday I feel lighter, more organized and able to be more efficient with Chrissie’s recommendations and decluttering advice.  I highly recommend her.”  –J. Fong, Oakville

“The feelings of relief and peace of mind, and the real sense of accomplishment after we’d gotten rid of a lot of ...‘stuff’ were very meaningful and uplifting to me. ...and, the positive feelings and benefits stayed with me!”  –Frances, Toronto

Getting started, or asking questions if you're not sure

The process starts when you make the call.  416-562-9066.  (Or if you'd prefer, email me at .)

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